About to Sell your Property?

Instead of spending £3000+ on an Estate Agent, sell your property privately. It's not difficult and our website offers a guide how you do it.

Furthermore, when you purchase a PRIVATE-SALE For Sale sign, we receive all the calls and pass them on to you - No more time wasters or nuisance callers.

That's not all. Return the undamged For Sale sign after your property has sold and we will refund you £50.


Simply, we are not an Estate Agent. We are a small UK company based in the Midlands. We provide the For Sale signs for just £150 each.

After you receive the sign, erect it and any potential customers call us. We then pass on the callers details to you. There is no charge for this service nor do we take any commission. As a result, it will save you in excess of £3000 (based on a property sale of £300,000 and the typical estate agent fees).

Selling your property made easy

1.   Buy your PRIVATE-SALE For Sale sign.
2.   Spring Clean. Maybe decorate and complete those DIY jobs.
3.   Check out simular properties in your area and set the asking price.
4.   Take some photos of your specious rooms, kitchen and garden area.
5.   Consider listing your property on 99Home.co.uk
6.   PRIVATE-SALE receive inquiries and then pass this onto you.
7.   You call the prospecive buyer to arrange a visit.
8.   Negotiate a price and get it in writing.
9.   Instruct a solicitor and present them with the confirmation letter.
10. Return your undamaged For Sale sign and receive £50 refund.

How can you get involved?

Do you know someone who is thinking of selling their property? Sell them a For Sale sign for £150. Plan Beyond does not take any commission, so with every sale, the profits belong to you.

After selling a For Sale sign, provice PRIVATE-SALE with the contact details of the buyer. That's it, you don't have to do anything else... unless you wish to sell another For Sale sign and make a further £150?

Call 07494 274 042 for help and order your first For Sale sign. .

Contact Us

We have three ways that you can contact us.

1.   email:    private-sale@QRLinked.com
2.   phone:   0844 656 4480
3.   mobile:   0749 427 4042

How much does a For Sale sign cost?
Each sign costs just £150. The payment can be made over the phone using a credit card or debit card. We also accept payment via PayPal