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Your Memoir Service.

Lots of people have great life stories to tell and here at Plan Beyond we capture and retain your memories so your friends, family and loved ones can reflect on them in years to come.

We convert your previous photo albums into a film and add commentary. The film is written to a memory stick so that years from now you or your loved ones can watch the footage and listen to stories about each photo.

Quality Services

It is unfair to offer this service at a fixed price, so we provide the same professional service as videographer but at the fraction of the price. Furthermore, if you are uncomfortable with providing commentary, then we can also engage a professional to do the narrating.

How do we operate during Covid-19?

The safety of you, your family and our team is paramount. Instead of organising an informal chat with you, we have implemented a number of ways to work remotely yet still provide the quality service that others have previous experienced.

For further information, call 0844 656 4480. Calls to this number are charged at 5p per minute. Call duration lasts about 10 minutes.


Our Clients

The heart-breaking truth is, many years from now, your ancestors will look back on the photos and sadly, those sentiments, those memories, will have faded, just like those the old photos.

It is ironic that only when we see our family photos, do we often question the events actually took place on that day or even, who were those other people in the photo?

That is especially true we look back on our parents photos of their childhood years or even their parents.

Now, you could upload all of your photos to a Social media website, but if you think that your memories will be stored 'on the internet' indefinitely and remain private, think again.

A lot of people of different ages feel the same way and that is why we offer this service to any age group.


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Call: 0844 656 4480


Office Hours 09:00 - 18:00, Monday to Friday

About This Website

Plan Beyond has embarked on a radical new approach for hosting our website. We have taken advantage of the QRLinked service that allows us to advertise our services along with many other companies. As a result, we pay just £12 per year to host our site. We can then pass these savings onto you, our customer.